Arming you with Medicare strategies and support

As your clients approach age 65, they’re certain to have questions about Medicare. Whether your discussions concern Part A, Part B, Medicare Supplements (Medigap) or Medicare Advantage, our experts are here to simplify the puzzle pieces and precisely fit them together to help you ease your clients’ health care concerns and elevate your business.

Your progress is our passion.

A key consideration for your clients. A key opportunity for you.

Few things are more important than health and affordable care. Simply put, health is a prerequisite for experiencing life’s greatest joys.

That’s why Medicare is a common concern for retirees. It’s also why adding Medicare services can help your firm set itself apart from the competition.

Let AE Medicare Solutions help guide your clients through an inspired retirement and help guide your business to greater successes by:

  • Creating residual income

  • Generating leads

  • Providing opportunities to cross-sell other financial products

  • Making you the one-stop shop your clients prefer, with services ranging from annuities and wealth management to life insurance and Medicare options and products

Proven Results

300+ Producers who have been onboarded

since AE Medicare Solutions was born in 2018

6 Advisors Excel Medicare Solutions professionals

ready to serve you

25+ Annual events, webinars

and other training sessions to inform you of the latest trends and developments

100+ Creative minds

ready to support you Medicare marketing needs in AE Creative

Simplifying your strategy for success

Simplicity is our motto.

Whether you want to add Medicare or refer a client to our call center, we make it easy. Our dedicated team can explain either process to help strengthen the bonds your firm has already created and give clients the resources they deserve.

We take pride in making your job easier by providing elite-level:

  • Service and support

  • Information and planning

  • Continuous training

  • Business-building resources

My, how you’re growing

“Many of our competitors have been offering Medicare as a lead source, and many of those advisors have now all entered into the ‘retirement planning arena.’ This new marketing funnel is in our business plan for 2020, and we are planning on this lead source to add another $10 million of annuity and managed money.”

— Bill S.


“I thought the digital conference was tremendous. One of the greatest strengths of an AE event is the wisdom being shared by other agents and other practices, coupled with just plain, good, back-to-the-basics fundamentals.”

— John K.


Why wait when the knowledge you need is available now?

Discover how we can help you expand your business to include Medicare Solutions.