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The Power of Community

By being part of helping people achieve freedom in retirement, Advisors Excel is able to make a lasting difference.

Advisors Excel serves four separate communities and strives to have a life-changing impact on each of them. While distinct, each community touches and impacts the other.

Ultimately, the work Advisors Excel does benefits those who are in or nearing retirement by helping ensure they’re able to work with knowledgeable and experienced independent professionals who can bring them quality options for their retirement. Advisors Excel adheres to its core principle of doing the right thing by only working with professionals who are committed to doing what’s right for their clients, no matter what.

The difference Advisors Excel is able to make rests with the support and training it provides to the financial professionals who align with the company. Despite being spread across the country, independent financial professionals find community with Advisors Excel. Fostering an environment where sharing is expected, collaboration is valued and constant improvement is the norm, Advisors Excel helps raise expectations for these professionals — both for their businesses and for the solutions they bring the families and individuals with whom they work.

Because the professionals who align with Advisors Excel are focused on ensuring their clients receive only the advice and recommendations that are appropriate for their unique situations, Advisors Excel makes it a top priority to ensure those professionals stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing regulatory environment. By providing education on the latest laws affecting financial services and providing access to dedicated industry experts, Advisors Excel gives financial professionals the tools necessary to meet the highest regulatory standards in the industry.

Empowered to engage, share and learn from one another, the financial professionals working with Advisors Excel bring an enhanced level of knowledge and service to their practice, and it shows in the results they’re able to help achieve for their clients.

As Advisors Excel is able to help independent financial professionals grow by providing successful retirement income strategies to their clients, it also grows and becomes more successful. With that success comes a responsibility to help support and improve the communities in which Advisors Excel and its clients live and work.

Advisors Excel believes businesses should be the heart and soul of their communities, and it strives to achieve that aim by taking a leading role in addressing the challenges and issues in its own community and empowering its clients to do the same. In addition to providing significant financial support for a number of causes and charitable organizations, Advisors Excel has committed to deploying its workforce for roughly 5,000 hours of volunteer service in the community annually.

This initiative not only benefits the community, it also provides Advisors Excel employees with an opportunity to grow through volunteering and to gain the satisfaction of contributing to their community. Ensuring its employees remain motivated, engaged and continue to grow is an important part of building Advisors Excel’s business. The service provided to Advisors Excel’s clients is only as good as the people providing it, so creating opportunities for its staff to continue to learn and build skills is a primary objective for Advisors Excel.


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