When is the deadline to deliver my Season of Sharing gifts?

Gifts for youth with Kansas Department for Children and Families must be handed in to Gabriella Gonzalez or Yolanda Torrez at the Advisors Excel main office by Monday, Dec. 2. These gifts must be wrapped and placed in your blue bag!

All other gifts must be delivered by Tuesday, Dec. 17.

Do I need to wrap the gifts?

Gifts for youth with the Kansas Department for Children and Families must be wrapped.

With all other applications, the decision of whether to wrap or not to wrap is up to you!

We’ll have a wrapping station set up in Conference Room 112 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the following dates: Nov. 25-27, Dec. 2-3 and Dec. 9-10.

Can I have the recipient come to our office to pick up their gifts?

The recipient may NOT come into our building, but you may exchange gifts in our parking lot. A security officer can escort you. We highly recommend exchanging gifts in a public location or at a local organization. If you need assistance in finding a location, please contact Community Engagement.

Can I give the individual/family the $50 gift card and not spend it on their gifts?

No, the gift card must be spent on gifts. You may give them an additional gift card to help them, but the card provided by AE must be utilized on their gift. 

What do I do with the receipt showing I spent the $50 gift card?

Please provide a copy of the receipt to Gabriella or Yolanda at the receptionists’ desk. They will mark you off a list. If the receipt is not turned in, $50 will be deducted from your paycheck.

I cannot get ahold of my recipient. What should I do?

Keep trying to call. Text messaging recipients is sometimes easier, and they might respond more quickly. Email also works. If you are not able to make contact with them, please notify Community Engagement. 

If you call from Advisors Excel, please remember that it shows up on caller ID as a 1-800 number, and the recipient may not answer. Please be sure to leave a message. Text-messaging recipients may prompt a quicker response. 

What if I call the applicant and they add items to their list? Do I have to purchase additional items?

No, absolutely not. It is completely up to you if you want to ask them if there is anything else you can help with, and it also is up to you if you purchase more than what they initially requested.   

If they ask for more than you can give, ask them what their top wishes are to guide your shopping. Explain that you have a limited budget but you will do the best you can.

Did you select an application from the Kansas Department for Children and Families? Here’s some additional information you need to know:

What is the Kansas Department for Children and Families?

The Kansas Department for Children and Families (KDCF) works with approximately 750 youth from ages 18 to 26 who have aged out of the foster care system but were never adopted. KDCF provides services and programs to ensure these youth have the support they need to become self-reliant, productive adults.

Many of these young people go without traditional holiday celebrations and gifts from loved ones. It is KDCF’s goal to remind them they are not alone and have a whole community of supporters.

Is there any way for me to know the name or learn about the youth I am providing gifts to?

Unfortunately, no; DCF is unable to provide us with the names of the youth. Instead of a name, you’ll get a code that will help KDCF identify the person you adopted. If you would like to provide your contact information in your Christmas card, the youth might possibly reach out to you.

How do I hand in my gifts?

Once gifts are wrapped, please place them all in a large blue bag (you’ll get one at the time you get your application from reception), tie up the bag and then staple a piece of paper with the application code to the bag.

Deliver your bag, along with a copy of the receipt for your gift card purchase, to Gabriella Gonzalez or Yolanda Torrez in the main office warehouse from 8 to 8:30 a.m., Monday through Friday, starting Monday, Nov. 18. The wrapped gifts are due no later than Monday, Dec. 2.

Don’t forget a card! KDCF requests that gift givers include a card so recipients know someone is thinking about them. Grab one from the wrapping station, sign it and write any type of message in it for the youth you are providing gifts to. You are more than welcome to include your contact information. It is possible that you will receive a personalized thank you note from them.

Is there any way for me to deliver the gifts to the youth myself?

Unfortunately, no; this year, DCF is managing the deliveries themselves.