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 Unique ID Adoptee Name Please select the option that best describes Adoptee's household Wish List (include sizing if necessary for gift requests): Please share your story below in detail.
SOS-2019-00388Neyssa Nunez
  • Married couple w/ children

Gift Cards to buy groceries.

This is a Sheldon Family. Mom has recently started working again after taking in her niece and the family could benefit from having groceries paid for while they work on paying other things. Dad was previously on disability and is working to get it back again. They will appreciate any help they receive.

SOS-2019-00385Monice Webster
  • One parent w/ children

Monice(33)- Kitchen things and towels
Tyrell Jr.(14)- adult large tops pants 34/32
Victoria (13) size 7 pants med in tops
Jada(12) size 11 pants large tops
Amaya(10) size 14/16 girls
Ky'Reese (4) size 6/7 boys

My name is Monice Webster am a single mom of five. I work as a CNA as needed and hope to finish school to make more money for my kids. I am a tough but loving mother and very dedicated to helping my children reach their goals. My children are Honor Roll students and have received recognition in school as well as sports. Like any parent I want the best for my children and I always remind them that the sky is not the limit reach for the Stars. This pass years have not been easy but I won't give up and we'll do whatever it takes. I really appreciate people like you guys that bring positivity back into our community and give that boost to reach our goals.

SOS-2019-00384Maria Gudalupe Torres Del Real
  • One parent w/ children

The family is in need of a couch and a couple windows fixed. Maria's family owns the home.

This is a Sheldon family. Mom is a single mom of 5 children ages 18-4. She would like a couch for her family to be able to sit on in the living room. Her family owns the home they live in and there are a couple of windows they need fixed.

SOS-2019-00383Latoya Luarks
  • One parent w/ children

Household necessities- towels, dishes, learning activities for the kids, dressers, clothes (please check with parent for sizing)- 4 children and mom.

This is a Sheldon Family. Mom is a single parent and doesn't have some household necessities. She also could use clothing for herself and her children along with some learning activities for her children ages 13 to 4. Even though she struggles, she does a great job of advocating for her children.

SOS-2019-00371Tahjanane Peterson
  • One parent w/ children

TV or Stereo system, bicycle for three year old daughter, bicycle for six year old daughter, business casual clothing for Tahjanae: size 1x blouses, size 18 slacks, 9 1/2 shoes. Clothing for three year old daughter size 4T top and bottom. Clothing for six year old daughter size 8 top and bottom. Both need underwear and socks. Soft winter blankets for all three. Lamps. Pots/pans. Dollhouse for daughters. Arts and crafts supplies for daughters. Thank you so much!!

AE is getting this family beds and a couch.

Tahjanae is a twenty-four year old single mother of two beautiful, well mannered, little girls ages six and three. She escaped a domestic violence situation in California and fled to Topeka. Her abuser burned everything they owned. Tahjanae considers this a fresh start for she and her daughters. She is currently residing at the safe house at the Y and is approved for an apartment. She had a job interview today. I continue to be impressed with her determination, resilience, and hard work ethic. Tahjanae has a bright future ahead of her.

SOS-2019-00370Te Jazmyne C Jones
  • Adults w/ children

2 bikes for 3 yr and 5yr old push walker for 8 mth old, diapers size 4, clothing for children size 10/12 and size 6, and size 2T.
winter coats for mom and dad (mom) Large ( dad ) XL, mom pants size 8/10, pants for dad 38/30 shirt size XL. Socks for dad. body spray for mom, the household could use curtains pots and pans and plates for family of five. Their big item on their wish list is a deep freezer.

I am a family outreach advocate for PIneridge Prep. I have work with this family for almost a year. I do home visits with the family and each time I am so impressed by what this family is doing. Dad works full time but barely is making ends meet. There are three children in the home. Mom has 2 children at home and the 3rd child is attending the Pineridge Prep PreSchool. Both mom and dad attend the home visits and are constantly involved with seeing what they might do for the children. Both mom and dad follow up on any activities that are asked of them to do. Such as creating routines and as well as reading more to their children. The family has had a recent loss due to a miscarriage and moms health has been affected. Mom is facing her depression head on and is seeking help and wanting assistance with support in this life change. Mom has also been informed she might not have any more children. Both parents co parent extremely well and are coping with daily struggles with not having enough money, transportation issues, not having any network of family and friends. They rely on each other and trying to keep their best foot going forward for their children. I am nominating this family just because of their beautiful spirit toward each other and to their children. They both were very shy in asking for suggestions on what to get for the family they only wanted to ask for their children. I have been to their home several times and I have seen their freezer for my self. It is very small for a family of five. Both parents shared their want of a deep freezer to make their dollar stretch a little more when they see items for sale. They both did not want to ask but anything provided to them will make their day seem bright and daily life just a little bit easier. I would like just a little bit of hope for this family for the holidays. Thank you for the opportunity to nominate them. If you have any questions regarding this family please feel free to call. My name is Heather Hayden and my phone number is # 785-817-5122. I am the family outreach advocate. Thank you.

SOS-2019-00369Deja L Tucker
  • Adults w/ children

Girls clothes size 6/small, Girls shoes size 12, Baby boy clothes size 12-18 months, Educational baby toys for age 9 months +, Coloring books, puzzles

My husband and I are currently living with our 2 children, A’Mariee who’s the most girliest girl you’ve ever met at 5, and Josiah who will be 10 months old and The sweetest little boy ever, at my dads house while we get back on our feet. After having Josiah I was place on unpaid medical leave and my husband quit his job to stay home with me and the kids. I ended up spending all of my savings on bills and have fallen so behind on top of my car going out. Trying to save as much as possible to pay off our debt and fix our car has consumed our checks almost completely and has me wondering if we will be able to have our own place anytime soon. We have always been able to make the most out of anything we have and with our daughters birthday in November, Christmas, and our sons birthday in January we just want our kids to be able to enjoy this holiday season.

SOS-2019-00368Jeremy Bailey
  • Adults w/ children

Shirts: Pants :

Savannah- Adult M Adult 10/11 Shoes The kids could use socks , and anything is a blessing.
Katie - Adult XS Youth 14 9 adults
Carter Youth L Youth 12/14 7 youth
Matt - Youth XL Youth 16 Husky 7 youth
Cayden Youth XL Youth 14 Husky 6.5youth
Cheyenne Youth M Youth 10/12 3 youth

I have an ex brother in law whom I am friends with that has my nieces and nephews. He has been battling breast cancer for the last year. He has been on the news here in Topeka , advocating for men to be checked. We just got the good news, that he has won this war! During this battle he reconnected with an old flame. Together they have made a home together. My brother has 4 kids and she 2. Due to his battle, he was out of work. His lady has been trying to do all, and has kept a roof over their heads. I wanted to nominate them because after fighting cancer, having no income , but 6 kids and a household. It was rough. These people are very deserving , as they would help anyone in need. They are doing the best they can now for the kids and I would love to see some weight lifted off their backs. Thank you.

SOS-2019-00353Michael Lee Woosley
  • One adult

Vacuum cleaner or shoes size 10 or coffee pot, towels or just a dinner haven't had a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner in 3 years

I'm a 52 year old man who lives alone I'm on SSI disability because of my health I have peripheral artery disease and coronary artery disease and COPD I get SSI because of my disability of medical which is not much but I'm grateful for what I have and would be very grateful for any assistance I could receive thank you very much

SOS-2019-00349Elnora Coleman
  • One adult

Bus Pass.

Elnora is a Client of mine, she currently moved into the Topeka Rescue Mission. She is waiting on disability to be approved and has alot of medical needs & is unable to afford her prescriptions & transportation to her appointments or to get prescription assistance. She needs a bus pass but can not afford it at this time.

SOS-2019-00345Amy S Woodcock
  • Adults w/ children

Groceries, household supplies, pots and pans, boy clothes size 10/12, boys toys (hot wheels, minecraft, and nerf toys).

I previously applied as a single mom asking for gifts for my 5 yr old son. Our situation has changed and I would like to explain. I am a single mom with one son. I recently graduated from Washburn University with my Associates degree in Health Information Technology. I was going to continue school to get my Bachelors of Health Science but I was forced to withdraw this semester to take care of my child. My son has been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, and anxiety. He is struggling with kindergarten and keeps getting suspended from school. I get a call to come to the school nearly everyday. I have gotten him a therapist and an IEP at school. Hopefully we will be starting some anxiety medications soon to help him. I am looking for full time work as a medical coder but haven't had any success yet. I currently work weekends at Croco Express Care as a registrar and I have finally gotten a promotion to full time starting on November 18th. This is great news as I really need the health insurance and the income. My son and I live with my parents and they are a great help to me. They provide us with a free place to live and free childcare when I need it. My mom is retired and will be driving my son to school when I start my full time job. Last Friday November 8th my father had to have emergency gall bladder surgery. He is retired but works part time for AAA storage. He has been off work since his surgery but is hoping to return to work soon. Today I found out my car needs $2100 of work for a new alternator and air conditioning compressor. My parents are able to help me with about $800 to fix the alternator so that I will be able to get to my new full time job, but between the missed work and the car repairs my parents are now struggling to make ends meet. I plan to help out when I get paid but things are tight in the meantime and Christmas will be pretty depressing. I would like to ask for household items to help my parents and some clothes and toys for my son. I look forward to getting back on my feet and paying this forward one day. Thanks for considering my family.

SOS-2019-00338Jessica Ann Richard
  • One parent w/ children

Socks crew size 11
Jean's size 16 boys
Queen sheet
Wash clothes and towels
Hot wheel cars

Single mother working hard everyday. I work so much to provide I barely see my kids. I am trying to give my kids a better life but I am still struggling. But I'm very positive and I keep trucking. My kids never want for nothing. They are good boys. They know we dont have everything we want but we got the love everyone needs. We show love everyday

SOS-2019-00335Cassandra L Savage
  • One parent w/ children

14 yr old girl hair straightner, makeup, and 16 in juniors
12 yr old boy clothes size 12 in pants and 16 in shirts junior, gaterade
10 yr old girl size 10 in girls for pants and shirts, dresses, art supplies, books reading level in 8th grade level
8 yr old boy size 10 in boys in clothes, football stuff, size 5 1/2 in shoes
7 yr old boy size 5t in pants and shirts, size 13 in shoes in kids, trucks, and cars

My name is cassandra savage. I am a single mom of 5 kids. Ww are finally getting back on our feet after having moved to topeka 3 yrs ago. 2 years ago we had a house fire that started in our basement that was electrical. My 7 yr old was home with the baby sitter at the time of the incident. He has come a long way from the fire. I am finally starting to get a head start on things. I work full time. I have found us a permenant home. My 14 yr old has been battling with trinea versicolor. With her being in middle school kids have made fun of her and ask why her skin is different and they ask her what does she have. We went through some invasive procedures and now its back. Between drs appointments, work, and kids events its a struggle. I wouldnt change it for the world.

SOS-2019-00332Richard L Green
  • Adults Only

jeans 32x30
slacks 2x or 3x
blouses 2x or 3x
or a thanksgiving meal

paying off bills just wont have money for thanksgiving or xmas 2 adults older 67 and 65 trying to keep house repairs up so thats the whole story just cant afford anything extra we are each others family was married, divorced now best friends we go thru each others medical, physical and spirtual mental journey but we still try to celebrate the holidays

SOS-2019-00320Melinda M Kinsch
  • Adults w/ children

Grandma wears 22w or 2x women's and size 8 shoes. Mom wears 24w or 3x women's and size 9 shoes. Son wears 4T and 11 toddler shoes. He has Eczema and need 100% cotton only. Grandma would like a Dutch oven. Mom would like queen size blue or dark colored 100% cotton sheets. Son likes Thomas trains, Play-Doh, hot wheels, and construction equipment.

Our home consists of: Debbie Steers who is Grandma but my son calls her Gongie, Melinda Kinsch I am the Mom, and Davie Alvarado is my son. We got our lovely home from Habitat for Humanity in 2017 and we call it Davie's house. I am disabled but have a part time job to help pay bills. My mom is also disabled and retired from the VA. My son just turned 4 in September. He goes to school at Head Start. We have two old dogs. A black lab named Daisy and a chihuahua named Twinkie. I appreciate all you have done and continue to do for the community. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas.

SOS-2019-00318Elizabeth Aguirre
  • One parent w/ children

Dresser and winter clothes for kids. Son in size 8 pants and 10/12 shirts. Daughter in size 8 pants and 10/12 shirts.

Single parent of two kids has recently lost her place of employment. Has had great struggle with maintaining stability with her two kids and keeping the bills payed up to date. She is very concerned that she will not be able to make it due to being unemployed, and her dealing with the struggles of her sons mental state. She is very strong willed and is afraid to ask for help.

SOS-2019-00313Fonda Marie Tucker
  • One parent w/ children

Adult women 1x in size, comfy dresses,. Make up. Lady Stetson perfume. Oldest son xl in size of clothes. Playstation time cards. Skater shoes size 10 . Stuff from hot pockets. Youngest son wears 1xl in clothes . Shoes 12 boots and a good pair of sneaker shoes. Playstation game card. Walmart phone time .

Hello I'm FondA . Mother of 4 boys in all. Single and tryn to make ends meet. I have had a rough life, but we keep plugging through. the last few years I've been robbed at gunpoint kidnapped I have lost everything. I'm trying to start over try to keep a positive attitude.so that way my kids dont see me down. I would like to give them a decent Christmas something I haven't been able to do . I'm only asking for stuff for the children still in home. Not tryn to be greedy or to take away from anyone else. Please take us into consideration. Thank you and God Bless

SOS-2019-00306Jacqueline D Jones
  • One parent w/ children

Baby clothes 18 mos
Baby toys
Adult clothes size xl and 16/18

I am a new, single, mother of a baby that just turned one years old! I am doing everything by myself, with zero help from the father of the baby, who abandoned us after asking to start a family. I do the best to make ends meet, I nanny for enough money for all the essentials, diapers, wipes, etc, but I am struggling everyday to make ends meet. I just want my son to have everything he deserves in this world and I'm willing to do anything and everything to make sure he has a good christmas. This will basically be his first Christmas since he was barely 2 months old last year! We've had a really rough year, and I just want a happy baby boy, I've never signed up for anything like this before and I wouldn't do it unless I needed it. I think this is really great and I hope you're all able to help as many people as you can.

SOS-2019-00304Micah Michelle Barron
  • One parent w/ children

1. Home repairs
2. Family vacation (we've never had one because we've never been able to afford one)
3. Sponsor my younger sisters activities (Soccer and ballet). My mom works hard to give us these opportunities to participate in things we love. They are expensive and it's stressful for my mom to work lots of overtime to pay for them.

Good morning, my name is Israel. I want to tell you about my mother. She has been a single mother all of my life. Even when she was with my dad she was doing it on her own due to his addictions and only working off and on. I watched my mother sacrifice what she cared the most about, and that was time with us to work 2 and 3 jobs to provide for me and my 4 sisters. We always had the weekends and we filled them most days with soccer games or other activities that my mother worked hard to allow us to participate in. She wanted us to have opportunity and she was there to cheer us on every step of the way. Over the years my father got deeper into his addiction and became destructive and abusive. My mom finally left him a couple years ago for good after a long time of back and forth. Unfortunately there was a lot of damage left behind. I hope to make enough money one day to buy my mom a new home to give her the fresh start she deserves....that we all deserve. The home we live in now is just a constant reminder of all the negative. My mom could never afford to hire anyone to do the kind of work that needs to be done or buy the supplies to give this house a makeover or to even put it back to the way it was before. I just want my mom to be able to invite friends and family over and not be embarrassed. She deserves that and so much more. I don't know if this is something that is even possible. I feel like it's a lot, probably too much to ask for. So I also gave a couple alternative wishes. Just incase the first one isn't feasible. Thank you for your consideration.

SOS-2019-00301michael t marks
  • Adults w/ children

Flannel mens pocket color gray/blue/black Pjs (non fleece) XL
Mens winter coat color black @XL
Gaming computer
Soft banket (not fuzzy/fleece)
PJS size Med juniors (female)
hoody size Med juniors color purple/black) female
Clothing from got topic (med juniot( female

Michael is a 39 male, who has sensory issues, from Autism Spectrum Disorder. He also has border line personality disorder which makes it extremely difficult for him to socialize with people outside of the home. He is unable to work a normal job, due to the social issues, and how he handles small stressors. He likes to spend time at home playing games on his computer, but the computer has broken, causing escalation issues with Michael. He likes flannel pj pants and soft blankets, but not fleece/fuzzy due to the sensory issues
Livi is an almost 13 year old girl, who is sweet to everyone she meets! She really wants a hoody and a lap top this year. She has great grades, and does a great deal of volunteer work in her church. She's a good kid who deserves nice things.
The individual writing this is Michael's wife, I am not seeking anything, I would just like to see my two favorite people have some of their wants met this year. I work full time in the non-profit sector, and my every other moment is spent taking care of Michael. We were unaware of his mental illness when we met, but I began to notice signs that something wasn't "right" His mental illness and inability to function as the average adult male can has put a great strain on our relationship, but I have decided to stick it through for better or worse.
Please consider granting these two amazing people their holiday wishes, and if you are unable to, thank you for all you do~

SOS-2019-00299April M Ledbetter
  • One parent w/ children

Gift cards, twin size boys comforter set (superhero), boys night clothes size 6/7, action figures, microwave, queen size comforter set

I’m a mother of a wonderful 4 year old boy that is disabled! & I’m unable to afford very much for Christmas! And I would really appreciate any help you can give to me and my son! We would kindly appreciate it & would put the gifts to great use! Thank you very much

SOS-2019-00296Holly Jones
  • One parent w/ children

Tattoo Removal
Winter clothing for children 4T Boy, 3T Girl, Girl 8, Boy 10

Holly is a single mom who through some tough times found herself in the Topeka Rescue Mission. She persevered and worked full time while going to school full time. She received her certificate and is a Patient Care Tech. Her hard work has gotten them out of the Topeka Rescue Mission and into an apartment. She commutes to Lawrence everyday for work. She has four children who she share custody and financial support for. She has been enrolled with Parents as Teachers since August 2017 when she was in the Topeka Rescue Mission. She has continued her Parents as Teachers Home visits and actively participating even when she was not longer at the Rescue Mission. Recently Holly struggled with a re-occurrence of Cervical Cancer and has required treatment and procedures, that have left her tired and having to take time off work. Holly past choices in life were not the same that should would make today. She feels that a large tattoo on her neck has prevented her from getting jobs in Topeka. This has been an wish of Holly's for some time to have it removed so she can move on feeling more professional in her drive to further her education and career. Holly was unable to apply for the Christmas Bureau due to the timing of the deadline being around the time she had one of procedures and illness. Holly would like to be able to provide winter clothing for her children, as well as stock her pantry and refrigerator for the Holidays. Mom continues to work full time and go to school full time.

SOS-2019-00295Kimberly Suzanna Chenoweth
  • Adults w/ children

Clothing for children 7-8, 14-l6 both girls
6 year old list: lol dolls, Barbie, slime toys, puzzles, coloring books, numnum toys outside and bath toys
9 year old: science kits, books in age level 10-15 (advanced reader) Pokémon cards. Anything roblox and NASA related
Adults: new silverware or cooking ware, gift cards to Walmart

Last year November 16, 2018, the youngest daughter had an adverse reaction to her flu shot. A rare Occurrence, she ended up being diagnosed with generalized dystonia which is like having MS and Parkinson’s disease put together. Is the third most common neurological movement disorder. The flu shot had triggered the disorder to happen. At the time they had insurance but because things got busy and they both were working decent jobs they Got denied for state healthcare coverage, and with medical bills already coming in they were drowning in being able to afford healthcare insurance. And providing a Attendent Care Worker for the youngest child with this disorder. Along with being able to travel back-and-forth to children’s Mercy multiple times a month and all the doctors appointments. This caused them to go into debt and they’re finally playing catch-up but it also means that Christmas will be tight. Chloe goes to school half the days at a normal school within Attendent Care Worker helps her manage her pain and her behavior because she’s always got denied for state health care coverage, and with medical bills already coming in they were drowning and Bead able to afford healthcare insurance. And providing a attendant care worker for their youngest child with this disorder. Along with being able to travel back-and-forth to children’s Mercy multiple times a month and all the doctors appointments. This caused them to go into debt and they’re finally playing catch-up but it also means that Christmas will be tight. Chloe goes to school half the days at a normal school with an attendant care worker helps her manage her pain and her behavior because she’s always grumpy due to her disorder. Kimberly and Matthew are great people they both work really hard and have full-time jobs but barely make ends meet including being able to afford groceries. They have an older daughter Lilliana who is exceptionally smart and loves to learn and love science and loves NASA. She’s been a trooper through all of it. An adverse reaction to the flu shot is exceptionally rare but no one is mentally or financially prepared to have their lives permanently changed after getting one.

**Applicant is listed as Kimberly Haxton on Facebook**

SOS-2019-00282Megan Storm
  • One parent w/ children

She is a co-worker of mine. She works FT and goes to school FT. Shes a single Mother of an 11 year old boy, 8 year old boy, 4 year old girl and 1 year old girl. She told me a story yesterday of how her four year old daughter wants a doll house for Christmas and that she found one on the side of road that said "FREE" .She was excited to pick it up and to be able to save it for Christmas this year. She would be very appreciative of whatever was given to help her family

I work with her so I'm not sure of sizes or likes or what her address is. I do know that everything she has is given to her or second hand. She is very grateful, sharing and a good Mom. Going to school in the day and working second shift, some of her days start at 6am and go until 2am trying to finish homework. I hope I have given you enough information The DOB and SS# are not correct I can ask for them iif you need me too Thank you

SOS-2019-00281Abel Lopez
  • One adult

Shirts size 2XL, sweat pants 2XL, sweaters or coats 2XL, bedding King size, bathroom towels, cleaning supplies, blanket,

My dad has been struggled these past couple years diagnosed with diabetes and had a toe amputated, had a heart murmur, and learning how to adjust to a different lifestyle because of it. He also had a couple other issues and had to file to be disabled because he couldn't work for long periods at a time. Anything that can help to make his Christmas cheerful would be greatly appreciated.

 Unique ID Adoptee Name Please select the option that best describes Adoptee's household Wish List (include sizing if necessary for gift requests): Please share your story below in detail.