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Stan Schroeder

Vice President of Advisor Development at Advisors Excel.

Stan Schroeder is recognized as one of the most successful annuity marketers in the country. On a daily basis, Stan is deeply involved in the practices of his valued producers, serving as a virtual extension of their offices.

Not just a product specialist, Stan offers the proactive, comprehensive support today’s agents and producers need to excel. Several of the nation’s top financial professionals count on him to help enhance their businesses and meet client needs.

About Stan Schroeder

I learned at a very young age the value of insurance and the effects that poor planning can have on a family. My grandparents owned and operated a dairy farm near Pomona, Kansas. While visiting one summer, my brother and I, then 8 and 5 years old, were playing with matches in a hay barn and managed to start a fire, which destroyed not only the barn we were in, but four other barns on the property. Over 200 head of cattle were killed in the process. Our family went very quickly from wealthy to financially struggling as there was no insurance to cover the losses. My grandfather’s career as a farmer ended, and he worked odds and ends as a repairman for the remainder of his life.

It’s amazing how something that occurred at such a young age could ultimately shape my own career path, but it did. This single act sparked my career in the insurance business, motivating me not only to help the family I was now indebted to, but to ensure that other families were not left in similar financial predicaments because of poor planning.

In addition to the value of insurance, I also learned the importance of teamwork growing up, primarily through sports. I had a successful high school baseball career, which allowed me to play on a scholarship at Washburn University, a Division II college in Topeka, Kansas, and graduate with degrees in marketing and finance. Baseball taught me how to work with others to achieve a common goal, and continues to be a large part of my life today. I now have three children who are all very active in sports themselves.

After college, I entered this industry working for a competing IMO that was on the rise at the time. I started in the annuity division as a product marketer, and eventually worked my way up to a director position, overseeing advisors located in the northeast region of the United States and managing the annuity marketers who assisted this group. Along the way, I obtained my insurance license and sold on the side. An offer from one of our partner carriers, ING (now Voya), enticed me into stepping into the wholesale world, and I traveled around the central region of the United States visiting/training partner IMOs and advisor offices.

It was during this time, while I was with ING, that the Advisors Excel owners, one of which was my college roommate, started the company and began to take over and revolutionize the IMO space. While visiting other IMOs, I could see the value Advisors Excel provided that its competitors did not. After seven years with ING, traveling three weeks a month, I decided to join the Advisors Excel team as a Vice President of Annuity Marketing. They offered, hands down, the best training opportunities in the industry, led by top producers. They set themselves apart right out of the gate, and since joining, they have continued to evolve and offer more and more value to the financial advisors we work with. These services we provide our advisors help them better prepare someone’s family for retirement. My advisors are family to me, and together we are doing amazing things across the country for retirees.

When not at work, you will often find me spending time with my wife, Amy, and our 3 kids: Ty, Jordy and Allie. I was lucky to have met the best partner and wife I could have asked for while I was in college. The summer of 2016 will officially mark 20 years together. You can often find us coaching or carting the kids to one of their many sporting activities. I have been coaching my oldest son’s baseball team for the past six years, and my younger son’s soccer team the past two years. Amy is currently a head softball coach and has also coached basketball and soccer.

When not running to the next tournament or competition to cheer the kids on, you may find me reading, relaxing with the family or out on the golf course, where some additional work is definitely needed. Family is my number one priority in life, but helping producers enhance other families’ lives keeps me passionate about what I do at work on a daily basis.

Stan Schroeder's Team
  • Victoria Mabon
  • Spenser Scott
  • Melissa Kent
  • Cameron Renfro

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