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Antoine Polite

Vice President of Life Insurance

As a VP of Life Marketing, Antoine’s goal is to create innovative and progressive life marketing strategies to better serve his advisors.

He enjoys watching his advisors implement and execute these strategies and enjoy the success that comes with them.

"I don’t feel like I work 'FOR' Advisors Excel but rather 'WITH' Advisors Excel. This organization truly values the opinions of its employees and clients - everyone's voice is heard, which makes for a positive work environment. I also believe that the core values of the company are in line with mine, which include family, faith and community."

About Antoine Polite

Antoine was born in Tampa, Florida, but spent a majority of his childhood in Iowa. He and his wife, Laura, have two daughters, Ayana and Milah, and a Maltese named Sofie. They reside in Lawrence, Kansas.

After attempts to play professional football, Antoine ventured into the financial services field, beginning his career as an independent advisor. Before joining Advisors Excel in 2009, Antoine spent 2 years at Security Benefit as a hybrid wholesaler focusing on variable annuities and mutual fund sales. His territory saw impressive, sustainable growth, and he was able to build relationships with many of the country’s top advisors--a skill he brought with him to AE.

Antoine Polite's Team
  • Melanie Cervantez
  • Katie Duncan
  • JoDonna Dix
  • Steve Bradley
  • Maris Rogers
  • Antoine Polite
  • Maggie Davis
  • Brittney Lynch
  • Zach Willis
  • Sarah Mitchell

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