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Operational Training

Free yourself from the headaches of running a business by sending your staff to the operational training offered by Advisors Excel.

Designed by administrative coaching guru Gina Rainey, AE’s operational training will help you streamline and enhance your processes and operations so you can direct your focus and energy into growing your business.

No matter the experience level of your staff, there’s an OEA training to help them identify and implement strategies for improving processes, gaining clarity on role responsibilities and positioning your business for maximum success.

Led by operations specialists Kari Denton and Sarah Newton, the Operational Excellence Academy will help your support staff members learn the keys to creating systems and procedures that will have your office running smoothly.

Your staff will discover how to fully implement and leverage your client database so you get what you need, when you need it; how to create a “wow” experience for your valued clients and much more.

For your more experienced staff members, Operational Excellence Academy 2.0 takes an even more in-depth look at highly effective and efficient practices to help facilitate the highest level of success for your business.

In this advanced training, participants are strategically partnered with peers who share their role in some of the top firms from around the country, providing opportunities to learn from the experience and best practices of the group.

Designed for your core staff members who have been with you at least a year and who have already attended the Operational Excellence Academy or another operations-focused training from AE, OEA 2.0 includes in-depth sales process breakdowns, effective communication techniques, strategies for enhanced efficiency and new business best practices, and much more.

With strategies and tips for all levels of your office staff, Elite Team Training is our most comprehensive staff training program to date. The experts behind Operational Excellence Academy have designed this new program to tap the full potential of your entire team— from your newest employee to your trusted veterans. In 2018, we added a new track for associate advisors who are learning the ropes. 

This two-day training includes group sessions on the foundational elements important for all staff members, as well as breakout sessions geared to specific positions and experience levels.

First-time and returning attendees will focus on operational areas such as:

  • Database management
  • Sales process
  • Client experience
  • Marketing
Associate producers will focus on sales practices, including:
  • Client servicing
  • Know your numbers
  • Weekly team meetings
  • Advanced sales training
  • Wedge questions
  • Documenting the sales process
  • Cost of a lead
  • Time management

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