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The Journey

The Journey: Minneapolis – Sept. 27-29, 2017

Hyatt Regency Minneapolis | Minneapolis, MN

Attend our biannual Journey events — and take home the time-tested ideas and strategies of some of Advisors Excel’s most successful producers.

Packed with practical knowledge to boost your business, our Journey sessions get you behind the scenes to see how elite producers address the pain points in their practice. Don’t miss the proven tools and techniques you need to get (re)inspired — and push your business to the next level!

In September, we’re taking our signature event to Minneapolis, where Ryan and Tyson Thacker of B.O.S.S. Retirement Solutions will share how their seven steps to scale a business took them from zero to $85 million in total assets — and into Advisors Excel’s Hall of Fame — in just three years.

You also can hear from the three founders of SHP Financial, who have worked the subject of life insurance into every step of their process, making a significant impact to both their clients and their practice.

Ryan and Tyson ThackerB.O.S.S. Retirement Solutions

When Ryan and Tyson Thacker came on board with AE in 2013, their one-year-old firm was focused solely on fixed index annuities.

Since then, the brothers have worked hard to grow their business exponentially, finishing 2016 with $85 million in total assets. Even better?
The duo expects to do $150 million in new assets this year.

Learn how to replicate the Thackers’ phenomenal success at The Journey: Minneapolis, when Ryan and Tyson will cover:

  • The growth mindset they credit for 80 percent of their success.
  • A process that consistently creates 40 to 50 first appointments weekly.
  • How to pay yourself first and help secure your own retirement.
  • And much more!

Pre-Journey Trainings

AE Wealth Management

Join the AEWM’s team for a compliance seminar hosted by AE Wealth Management’s Chief Compliance Officer, Caleb Crook, hear about the technology improvements and updates to the platform and dive deeper into the AEWM sales and financial planning process with Ryan Heath and Ryan Peterson, of Copperleaf Capital.

AE Life Insurance

The trio from SHP Financial will discuss their success in the life insurance business at this AE Life Insurance pre-Journey training. Derek Gregoire, Keith Ellis and Matthew Peck will share their 5-Step Retirement Road Map® sales process, including how they sprinkle the topic of life insurance into each step of their process as well as indicators that a client is ready to talk about life insurance. They also will dive into a few specific case studies.

The Journey is designed for those producers who are licensed to both solicit and negotiate the sale of insurance and provide investment advice. The Journey is designed to provide general information only on the topics covered; producers are ultimately responsible for the implementation and use of the information.

The unique experiences and relative success of The Journey presenters may not be representative of the experience of all financial professionals. Results from the use of the concepts and strategies shared at The Journey are no guarantee of your future success.

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