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Free yourself from the endless cycle of trial and error.

Why take the long road to a stronger, more productive business when AE’s Small Groups can put you on the expressway to the practice you envision with access to the best ideas from some of the most successful practices in the AE family?

Regardless of where you’re at in your current practice, we have a Small Group that’s right for you.

Led by AE Hall of Famers Bill Smith and Chad Slagle, The Foundation focuses on the three pillars upon which successful practices are built: infrastructure, sales and marketing.

Bill and Chad cover each pillar in depth, ensuring you’re able to fully master all three to help take your practice from ordinary to extraordinary. As part of The Foundation, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build and structure your A-team
  • Systematize and leverage your database
  • Understand your numbers — both goals and profitability
  • Ensure effective internal systems and procedures
  • Structure team meetings
  • Use the Guided Planning System (GPS)
  • Build a systematized sales process for you and your staff
  • Use effective pre- and post-client processes
  • Create powerful seminar intros and closes
  • Prequalify prospects
  • Create an effective referral programs
  • Effectively use radio and television advertising

Rob Russell leads this complete immersion program combining first-rate group and one-on-one coaching for highly successful producers ready to break through to the next level.

Founded on real-world strategies and propelled by high-octane ideas, IGNITE drills down into three critical components of your business: lead generation, sales processes and client experience.

Designed for dually licensed producers doing a minimum of $7 million in production who have at least one employee, IGNITE will help you become THE elite producer in your market. As a member of IGNITE, you will discover:

  • Low pressure, non-product specific sales processes that attract the right clients
  • How you can make competition virtually obsolete in your crowded market and stand out as THE only clear choice
  • Time-tested lead generation strategies used by Rob and his team with radio, events, TV, e-guides, referrals and micro-sites
  • How to build the right culture in your company and how to find and hire the right people for your team
  • How to build a rave-worthy client experience from the basics and beyond

If you’re looking to build a true business system that will allow your practice to grow year after year while not being reliant upon your presence, Joel Johnson is prepared to show you how to do it at the Rainmaker Evolution.

Joel will teach you how to overcome your weaknesses, build a business based on your unique abilities and gain freedom, control and unlimited income potential. As a member of the Rainmaker Evolution, you will get:

  • Access to Joel’s actual company financials and budget
  • Solo and multiple-producer practice books and training videos
  • 90-day custom action plans between meetings
  • Regular podcasts/recordings on marketing, sales concepts and goal-setting
  • Joel’s organizational chart
  • Every detail of Joel’s step-by-step sales process
  • Time-tested TV and radio marketing processes
  • A detailed second appointment video using Joel’s proprietary “Money Map” sales process

Elite producers Mike Reese and Mark Fried host AUM Academy, where you can learn how to capitalize on the advantages of acquiring a Series 65 and adding managed money to your practice.

 If you’re ready to become your clients’ complete advisor, helping them feel confident in any economy, then it’s time for AUM Academy.

New in 2016, this Small Group is designed to bring you the step-by-step approach Mike and Mark are using to:
  • Convert high net worth prospects into lifelong, happy clients
  • Properly frame investment expectations
  • Thoroughly service their books of business
  • Decrease turnover and increase referrals and personal introductions
As part of AUM Academy, you’ll also learn to:
  • Effectively convert AUM prospects from virtually any marketing funnel
  • Use AUM to actually increase your annuity production
  • Leverage powerful technology to support your investment choices
  • Uncover needs and strategically position managed money recommendations
  • Set proper client expectations that can reduce stress on you and your team

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