Turn Your Team Members into Operations Experts

Do you have new or inexperienced staff processing your applications and paperwork? Do you struggle to properly train your employees on the diverse aspects of the financial services industry?


Time management tools


Hands-on tech training


Industry best practices

This training’s for you.

Our tiered online program allows your employees to learn about the financial services industry and the tools available through Advisors Excel. And they can do it all at their own pace.

Our comprehensive online course shows your staff how to execute tasks with ease and confidence. Your team will expand their industry knowledge and learn more about the Advisors Excel tools they can utilize to do their jobs more efficiently.

Empower your team to serve clients with excellence

Our self-paced online program lets your team fit the course into their schedule. The pre-assessment shows us if enrollees should start with the basics or skip directly to our advanced training.


  • Financial Industry 101 – Basic overview of the financial services industry
  • Tax Qualifications – Overview of qualification types associated with financial products
  • Group Discussion – Live web-based session for questions and clarification

Reduce turn times and improve productivity. Enroll your team in our Operations Bootcamp today.

All financial services offices are responsible for the use and implementation of the concepts and materials discussed and must be aware of all applicable compliance requirements. 1573366 For financial professional use only.