The IUL Masters Academy will get you up to speed on the product that continues to revolutionize businesses like yours.

Powerful Speakers

Specific Strategies

Tangible Results

Ready to transform your practice?

IUL Masters Academy will teach you the basics of indexed universal life insurance and how it can provide an income tax-free death benefit, as well as be a powerful solution to some of your clients’ most pressing needs.

You’ll leave this training knowing:

How to evaluate taxes, income and risk for your clients

How IUL works (and why it works so well)

Best practices for prospecting with IUL

Ways to help overcome the most common objections

And more!

Learn the strategies, processes and tools that have helped Advisors Excel producers dramatically grow their life production year after year.

IUL Masters Academy is designed to provide general information only on the topics covered. Portions of this training are designed for those producers who are licensed to both solicit and negotiate the sale of insurance and provide investment advice. Producers are ultimately responsible for the use or implementation of any concepts, strategies or technologies discussed and should be aware of the compliance requirements of any broker-dealer or Registered Investment Adviser with which they may be affiliated, the insurance carriers they represent, federal regulations and state insurance regulations. The unique experiences and relative success of the presenters may not be representative of the experience of all financial professionals. Results from the use of the concepts and strategies shared at IUL Masters Academy are no guarantee of your future success.


2/21-1090383 – For financial professional use only. Not to be used with the general public or in a sales situation.