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Answering Freedom's Call

Our financial professionals are free to offer the options and retirement income strategies suited to the individual needs of their clients.

The financial professionals who work with Advisors Excel have chosen to work independently, freeing themselves to provide options and the kind of custom solutions that help give their clients confidence in their ability to achieve the retirement they desire.

Because they value freedom, for themselves and their clients, these financial professionals choose to make their home with Advisors Excel, the company that supports those who help Americans realize their retirement dreams.

Every financial professional working with Advisors Excel is independent — meaning they aren’t beholden to a particular company or insurance carrier. They’re free to offer the options and retirement income strategies suited to the individual needs of their clients.

In communities across the nation, each with a unique business name and model, the financial professionals of Advisors Excel share these important characteristics:

  • A commitment to helping others achieve confidence in their financial futures
  • A passion for helping others achieve their dreams
  • An understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all retirement income solution
  • A willingness to share and collaborate with other Advisors Excel professionals for the benefit of their clients
  • An uncompromising ethical standard and commitment to integrity

At Advisors Excel, these independent professionals find a home — a community that gives them the freedom to serve their clients their way and the support to help improve their practice and become even better at what they do.

Making Informed Decisions

Ensuring those who are approaching or already in retirement are able to make informed decisions about their financial future is a priority for Advisors Excel. That’s why the company works only with independent financial professionals who share the same objective.

In an effort to assist consumers looking for information related to the challenges and decisions associated with developing a retirement income strategy, Advisors Excel created a central resource for information on all things retirement called  At Retirement HQ (RHQ), those who are in or nearing retirement can find easy-to-understand resources, up-to-date news and can even be connected to an RHQ financial professional in their area.

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