Advisors Excel donates more than $9K from T-shirt sales to Topeka business relief

Topeka, Kansas, May 6, 2020 — Advisors Excel donated thousands of dollars from its Topeka Strong campaign to help displaced workers and businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The fundraiser earned $9,755.94 selling 834 T-shirts, but they’re not done selling them just yet. Advisors Excel is also adding gaiter masks to it’s inventory. The shirts sell for $23, and each gator mask sells for $20.

The money went to the Helping Others Support Topeka Relief plan, also known as HOST Relief. Put together by GO Topeka, it will assist local businesses hurting from pandemic shutdowns.

“We just wanted something that represented Kansas and Topeka,” said Kevin Johnston, Associate Creative Director at Advisors Excel. “Putting the heart over Topeka itself, the strength of Kansas, and the heart of Kansas, and then just the heart of people that constantly want to give back to the community, and make us all stronger and spread that love around as much as we can.”

You can buy a shirt or mask from the Topeka Strong campaign here.

If you are a small business owner looking to sell your gift cards or sign up for grants and benefits, click here.

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