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When you come fully onboard with Advisors Excel, we are All In for you and your business.  And now we’re taking that commitment not just to the next level, but to a level never seen before. We’re putting our money where our mouth is by creating The AE Stimulus Package for qualifying, fully onboard advisors.

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We’re offering you unprecedented savings to kick your marketing back into high gear.

Advisors will be racing to take advantage of these savings.


You read that right...
We’re paying half!



But that’s not all!

AE is offering a special through White Glove, which permits you to buy three events and get one free. If you book this opportunity by the end of September, you will be able to host by the end of December.

Buy 105 registrations/36 attendees — get 40 registrations/14 attendees free.
Up to $4,046 in value.

Plus … an Advisors Excel exclusive:
Post-webinar appointment-setting calls to all attendees by White Glove staff.

While other FMO’s are trying
to ignore the problems of 2020

we're jumping in with both feet.


you read that right...
We’re paying 1/3!

for example: 6 mail campaigns, 10,000 pieces with a 33% discount = $11,800 in cash savings to you!



*Discount applicable to Marty Ruby, David McKnight and David Bach webinars promoted and executed by Advisors Platform.

Don Anders

Don Anders has been presenting webinars for the past two years. He has steadily drawn hundreds of warm prospects and converted them into appointments. A majority of the $60 MILLION he wrote in production last year was generated from webinars.

There is no limit to the number of mailings, seminars or webinars you can do – The AE Stimulus Package will apply to them all between July and the end of the year.

The AE Stimulus Package is not only our biggest offer ever, it’s the industry’s biggest offer ever. Shouldn’t you be taking advantage of this opportunity?

Let us help you smash records in 2020

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We’re about to give your marketing budget a

giant boost

We’re investing BIG in The AE Stimulus Package to help get new leads in your door by maximizing your marketing efforts. This special offer is only available to qualifying, fully onboard advisors with Advisors Excel.

An offer like this has never been seen before and may never be seen again. Don’t miss out!
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Participating vendors will invoice you directly at the AE Stimulus Package price. All orders must be placed and campaigns must be executed by December 31, 2020. Additional rules and restrictions apply. Full details provided by Advisors Excel. Although Advisors Excel may promote strategic marketing vendor partners, these vendors are independent third parties. Agents are ultimately responsible for the use of any materials or services and must be aware of all applicable compliance requirements, including those of any broker-dealer or Registered Investment Adviser with which they may be affiliated, the insurance carriers they represent, federal regulations and state insurance regulations. Results from the use of these vendors and their services are no guarantee of your future success.

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