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quick facts
  • o Fewer producers = Better service for EVERY ASPECT of your business.
  • o We have the biggest and best financial professionals in the country and create more than 36 opportunities a year for you to learn from them.
  • Zero to $5.1 billion in just 10 years doesn’t happen by accident!

Advisors Excel is an independently owned insurance marketing organization (IMO) based out of Topeka, Kansas. Our talented and passionate team is dedicated to helping independent financial professionals reach their goals and dreams through increased life and annuity business.

It’s true that we’re one of the fastest growing marketing organizations ever.

In a few short years, we’ve brought together the most successful producers in the country and completely raised the bar for marketing organizations throughout the industry. It’s true that we’re one of the fastest growing marketing organizations ever—but that’s because we only partner with the best of the best, and we strive every day to help them achieve even more. Our hard-working team is second to none—we seek and hire the best talent in the industry, fostering an outside-the-box culture with a relentless focus on results. In addition, we still operate under the four core principles we established on day one:

1. Less means more.

At Advisors Excel, we don’t mass recruit because we believe we can give better service with fewer producers. In fact, we turn away four times as many individuals as we contract. This means more one-on-one guidance, investment of resources and hands-on support for our valued partners.

2. Surround ourselves with successful people.

The people you spend your time with can either lift you up or bring you down. We choose to work exclusively with top producers who are driven and willing to share the keys to their success. In fact, our systems and trainings are led by our own producers—real “been there done that” professionals in the trenches every day. This means by working with us, producers gain access to the inner workings of the top practices around the country.

3. This business is all about prospecting, and prospecting must evolve.

Our success is based solely on that of our producers, and the only way we grow is by helping our producers write more business. Our producers receive valuable prospecting systems and training, proprietary product offerings and competitive advantages, personal coaches and mentors.

4. Always do the right thing.

Not only do we deliver tangible results to our producers, but we always deliver on our promises. We’re more than just a bunch of talk—when we say we’ll do something, we actually do it.

Determined to Succeed
Providing incredible service and support for every aspect of your business.
A new standard
We've completely raised the bar for marketing organizations throughout the industry
the founders
Derek Thompson, Cody Foster & David Callanan

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