our success story

Small Beginnings—Big Ideas

Building greatness from the ground up

Where it all began
  • Our “big idea” was born here—at Co-Founder Cody Foster’s kitchen table.
  • Everyone in the industry told us we were crazy and that we’d never make it.
  • We’re entrepreneurs just like you.

A note from Founders Cody Foster, David Callanan and Derek Thompson:

In 2004, after working in the industry for several years (and even doing our own personal production for a period of time) we felt producers deserved more. At dinner one evening, around the very kitchen table in the picture to the left, we started thinking out loud about what an ideal IMO would be able to provide.

We came up with four basic criteria that we believe an independent producer needs and deserves in an IMO:

  • 1. Incredible service and support for every aspect of the business
  • 2. The ability to learn from producers who are more successful
  • 3. The best methods for getting new prospects and closing those prospects
  • 4. Integrity—delivering on every promise made

We decided right then and there to find a way to make our dream company a reality.

We started this business with every penny to our name—$135,000. Getting that money wasn’t easy—we cashed in 401(k)s, took second mortgages on our homes, used every dime of our savings and convinced our beautiful wives—but somehow we did it and didn’t look back. Everyone in the industry told us we were crazy and that we’d never make it. Even with our background and more than 26 years of combined experience, no company would give us a national contract—making us just work harder and smarter. We were determined to succeed, and we believed in what we were trying to build.

Today, in our 10th year in business, we continue to prove the skeptics wrong.
See, we know what it takes to start and build a business—we’re entrepreneurs just like you, and, just like you, we know how important it is to put our clients first. We’ve come further than anyone ever imagined, and we’ve still got BIG DREAMS for where we want to go. But no matter what—we’ll never forget our humble beginnings.

For more on our founders, click here.

Continuing to prove the skeptics wrong
No matter what—we’ll never forget our humble beginnings.

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