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Advisors Excel Continues Explosive Growth

Offering more than 78,000 square feet with approximately 65,000 being occupied upon the initial move-in.

In the company’s fourth move in just eight years, Advisors Excel, a national insurance and financial services marketing organization headquartered in Topeka, moved into their new home office, setting the stage to hire up to 150 new employees over the next few years.

“It’s amazing how quickly the company has grown. We've got so many great employees, and they've really made the difference,” reflected Advisors Excel co-founder, Derek Thompson. “What’s really exciting is we feel that we’re just getting started. This move was an exciting step and allowed us to offer a number of additional values--added services to our clients.” 

The transition to the new space at 2950 SW McClure Road in Topeka took place Friday, July 12. The move gave the company room for expanded growth, offering more than 78,000 square feet, with approximately 65,000 occupied upon the initial move-in. The additional space was recently renovated to allow for the potential to hire up to 150 new employees over the next few years.

The new space also supplies ample room for providing training opportunities to ensure financial professionals are prepared to serve their clients in the best way possible.

“It’s exciting to move into a new space better-suited for our people, but it’s even more exciting to think of the opportunities this creates for us and the clients with whom we work,” stated David Callanan, co-founder of Advisors Excel. “We’ve had the chance to attract several of the best and brightest in the area to our company, and this new building opens all kinds of doors to bring on more.”

Advisors Excel works with independent insurance producers and financial advisors across the country, and the ability to add capacity through the more spacious headquarters has allowed the company to improve and add services for clients. 

“The success story of Advisors Excel is a great example of what ambition coupled with vision can accomplish,” said Randy Yeisley of Freedom Advisory Group in Wichita, Kansas. “The innovation that they bring to the table is what initially attracted us to their firm and our business has thrived here in Wichita since we began working with them several years ago.” 

“Advisors Excel approaches the business differently than most other IMOs, and that has been the key to their remarkable growth,” said Bob Grace of Grace Tax Advisory Group in Fort Myers, Florida. “I look forward to watching their next chapter unfold.” 

“Advisors Excel has been a truly amazing growth story. We simply would not be nearly as effective for our clients without them as our business partner,” said David Dickens of JC Grason in Overland Park, Kansas. “What they have been able to provide to our business has been impressive, and with this move and the ability to bring on more staff, I’m excited to see how their value proposition will continue to grow."
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“What’s really exciting is we feel that we’re just getting started.”

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