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Your dedicated AE Life team is here to help you make Life happen! Our team will help you put incredibly valuable coverage in place for your clients, while doing most of the heavy lifting for you! From bringing you innovative strategies to helping ensure your applications get through the entire process as smoothly as possible, nobody in the industry does it better.

Jim Bowman Team
Becky Lintner. Rachel Sachs. Jim Bowman. Lindsay Freeman. Jaime Mueller.
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Antoine Polite Team
Jessica Batres. Jennifer Kopp. Tamara Perry. Sarah Mitchell. Antoine Polite. Steve Bradley. Maggie Davis. Katie Duncan.
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Luke Waller, J.D. Team
Jessica Lenherr. Ashley Pica. Beth Cordova. Luke Waller. Teara Richardson. Kelsey Stamm. Ashli Salzano.
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Matt Ewald Team
Amy Whitaker. Wende Hutley. Matt Ewald. Janeil Stevens. LeAnn Medley.
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Abe Frieden Team
Jill Martin. Abe Frieden. Kristen Money. John Ireland.
Brandi Bergstresser.

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Michael Hooper Team
Leann Roberson. Michael Hooper. Erin Bargmann. Mitch Reed.          
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Laura Biesemeyer
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Life New Business Team
New Business Coordinators

Life Operations Support Staff
Life Operations Support Staff

Melanie Cropp
Life Mail Coordinator

Melanie Cropp

Life Mail Coordinator

Lawrence, KS

Family Information: My parents, brother and sister all live in Lawrence. I bought my first house, and I live with my boyfriend and our adorable dog, Maple!

Job Duties/Responsibilities at Advisors Excel:
Distribute and track all mail for the Life Department as well as submit medical records to carriers and manage the Life New Business inbox.

Were you named after anyone?
Melanie is a character from “Gone With the Wind” — my mom’s favorite book/movie.

Favorite sports to watch or favorite sports team?
Kansas Jayhawks. Rock Chalk!

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
Teleportation. I love visiting new places, just not the transportation aspect of getting there.

If you had a "theme song" that played whenever you walk into a room full of people, what would it be?
“Dog Days are Over,” by Florence and the Machine. Weird video, but good song. It always puts me in a dancing mood! Or maybe “Countdown,” by Beyoncé — because c’mon, it’s Beyoncé.

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