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To help you gain the competitive edge you deserve, we’ve asked the organizational professionals at Meek Rainey Group and sales coaches Dan Couture and Rick Rummelhart to join forces to establish a new division known as AE Coach. This new team is eager to roll out the GAP Analysis — a comprehensive assessment of all aspects of your practice.

With more than 200 sides to every practice, it’s easy to lose focus of the things that can essentially transform your business. The GAP Analysis “slices and dices” your practice and identifies the gaps that may need to be addressed in order to run the practice of your dreams, instead of letting your practice run you into the ground.

Get ready — this is a tough and honest assessment and may take some time. However, the more honest you are about your current situation, the quicker you’ll be able to get where you want to go!

Ask your VP of Marketing for details on how to gain access to this powerful assessment that can help you take your practice to a whole new level! You may also visit to learn more.

Operational Excellence Articles

Whether you’ve chosen to partner with AE Coach or not, all Advisors Excel producers receive access to the exclusive Operational Excellence webinar and article series on a monthly basis as part of the AE Insider publication. Hosted by Gina Rainey and Mike Meek of AE Coach, this series features clear-cut, easy to implement solutions for both the producer and the assistant.

Additional fees for partnership with the Meek Rainey Group may apply.

Additional fees for partnership with the Meek Rainey Group may apply.
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