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To help you gain the competitive edge you deserve, we’ve created an exclusive partnership with the Meek Rainey Group for all your strategic and operational small business needs. The Meek Rainey Group Team is dedicated to making a positive impact on our producers’ organizational performance as well as improving the quality of work life for their employees.

With Meek Rainey Group, you’ll gain increased productivity and reassurance of mind knowing that you’re running a REAL BUSINESS—at or near maximum efficiency—versus a SALES PRACTICE where things are often more scattered and less effective.

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Operational Excellence Articles

Whether you’ve chosen to partner with Meek Rainey Group or not, all Advisors Excel producers receive access to the exclusive Operational Excellence webinar and article series on a monthly basis as part of the AE Insider publication. Hosted by Gina Rainey and Mike Meek of the Meek Rainey Group, this series features clear-cut, easy to implement solutions for both the producer and the assistant.

Developing an efficient and well-run office can and will have a significant impact on your production. Mike and Gina will help you spend more time on “the good stuff” and less time on the headaches of running your practice—getting you back to what you do best and turning your dreams of a thriving, process-driven practice into a reality.

Check out the following clip from a recent Operational Excellence webinar where Gina and Mike discuss the keys to building a winning team. Then, call your VP of Marketing at 866.363.9595 to find out how to gain access to this valuable resource today!

Additional fees for partnership with the Meek Rainey Group may apply.

Additional fees for partnership with the Meek Rainey Group may apply.
meek rainey group
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