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Our goal is to make our producers as successful as they can be. All Advisors Excel producers are partnered with a dedicated VP of Marketing. These individuals become a virtual extension of your office, serving as your “single point of contact” with access to all that AE has to offer. From ongoing ideas from top producers around the country on how to keep meeting client needs as the center of your practice, to in-depth business coaching and marketing planning, your VP of Marketing ensures that while you might work for yourself, you’re never by yourself in this industry.

Think of our marketers as marketing specialists

As one of the finest IMO teams across America, our Annuity Marketing team works hand in hand with our producers to help them succeed. With the knowledge and expertise to handle any situation, it’s easy to think of our marketers as marketing specialists, product gurus and idea generators all wrapped into one.

Rather than trying to keep up with thousands of contracted agents, our VPs of Annuity Marketing work exclusively with 40 to 50 of the top producers in the nation. The result? They know you. They know your practice. They know your staff. They know your family. They also don’t get a salary and are only paid when their producers succeed in providing valuable solutions for their clients —meaning if you’re not successful, neither are they—keeping them even more focused and motivated to see you succeed. Most importantly, they know how to tailor the comprehensive support of Advisors Excel to your unique business needs, helping you leverage our resources to the fullest and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

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our marketers know you
Our marketers become a virtual extension of your office
comprehensive support
We’ll help you leverage resources to achieve more than you ever thought possible

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