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The Journey: Chicago

April 2-4, 2014
Renaissance Chicago Downtown

In 2014, we’re taking it to the next level

Our Journey events are among our best-attended, most eagerly anticipated events of the year. And why wouldn’t they be, with an average $2.56 million increase in annual production per producer attending? Heading into 2014, Advisors Excel is shifting the Journey into OVERDRIVE, ensuring each event is packed with more practical, time-tested ideas from some of our top producers that can be immediately implemented into YOUR practice!
At The Journey: Chicago, we won’t be bringing just one, but THREE TOP PRODUCERS to the stage, and not just ANY producers. These three have literally ERUPTED over the past four to five years, with production numbers that have increased anywhere from three to seven fold over that time frame.

Your hosts for this leg of the Journey:

Jay Tyner

Semmax Financial Group, Inc.
Greensboro, N.C.

Jay Tyner’s Annual Production At-A-Glance:
2009 = $4.5M
2010 = $8.2M
2011 = $16M
2012= $30M
2013 = $38.7M

Discover how Jay is able to convert radio and TV leads into well-qualified appointments and sales, allowing him to DOMINATE his market without conducting a single seminar in more than two years!

Cathy Mendell

Elevation Capital Strategies
Bend, Ore.

Cathy Mendell’s Annual Production At-A-Glance:
2010 = $6M
2011 = $14M
2012 = $23M
2013 = $26M

Find out how Cathy is creating HIGH IMPACT with her Social Security seminar, coupled with some amazing client events that keep things fun and exciting!

Tad Hill

Freedom Financial Group
Birmingham, Ala.

Tad Hill’s Annual Production At-A-Glance:
2009 = $6.3M
2010 = $15M
2011 = $20M
2012 = $26M
2013 = $32M

Learn the strategies behind Tad’s step-by-step, easily duplicated sales process, which he used to uncover $26 MILLION in assets in 2013 alone!

If you’re ready to write the NEXT CHAPTER in YOUR STORY in 2014, The Journey starts here! Reserve your seat for the April 2-4 event by contacting your VP of Marketing today at 866.363.9595!

Licensed insurance producers will be able to take away a number of valuable concepts and useful strategies from this program. However, many of the topics discussed will be appropriate only for those producers who are dually licensed. Only those licensed to conduct securities transactions and offer investment advice will be able to use ALL of the sales and marketing strategies with consumers. Discussion of securities and securities transactions by those lacking the appropriate registration places their insurance license at risk. Results from the use of these concepts are no guarantee of future success. Your results may vary.

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