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Advisors Excel Journey
Journey impact
  • 235 producers attended 1 of the 2 Journey events in 2012
  • This group collectively wrote $1.8 billion in premium in 2012
  • 72 producers attended both 2012 events
  • Those 72 producers produced a $185 million increase in business over 2011
  • That's an average increase of $2.56 million per attending producer

Our Journey events are among our best-attended, most eagerly anticipated events of the year. And why wouldn’t they be, with an average $2.4 million increase in annual production per producer attending? In our most recent event, held in September 2014, Advisors Excel shifted The Journey into OVERDRIVE, bringing you not just one but MULTIPLE TOP PRODUCERS with even more practical, time-tested ideas that can be immediately implemented into YOUR practice!

For The Journey: Austin in September, we upped the ante even more by waiving the registration fee for all fully on-board producers who did at least $3 million in business with us over the past 12 months!

We also offered training from the AE Life team and Global Financial Private Capital on arrival day! Be sure to ask your VP of Marketing for complete details on next year's event, then prepare to be blown away by each leg of The Journey in 2015!

Your hosts for the September 2014 this leg of the Journey:

Mike Reese

Centennial Wealth Advisory, LLC
Traverse City, Michigan.
Mike Reese’s Annual Production (Annuity and AUM) at a Glance:

2010 = $15.7M
2011 = $21.4M
2012 = $25.2M
2013 = $28.0M

Learn the strategies Mike employed to EVOLVE his sales process, his marketing and his practice, allowing him to make the shift from a high-earning producer to a high-earning business owner over just a few short years. Mike will share his sales and marketing strategies to help you find those most appropriate for the size and structure of your current practice, and he’ll hand you the keys to his new series of monthly informational seminars, which focus on uncovering new assets from existing clients and referrals!

Kevin Metzler & Donald Bentley

Family Wealth Group, LLC
Lexington, Kentucky
Family Wealth Group’s Annual Production (Annuity and AUM) at a Glance:

2010 = $7.6M
2011 = $19.3M
2012 = $25.2M
2013 = $35.1M

Learn the full implementation of the Private Split Dollar Concept, which Kevin and Donald touched on at World Series of Sales 2014, and discover how they quickly DIFFERENTIATE themselves from the competition through a powerful network of estate planning attorneys and CPAs! Plus, see how Family Wealth Group has broken through the “sea of seminar sameness” in their area to get prospective clients on a waiting list to attend their events!

Sandra Newman

Reap Financial Group, LLC
Austin, Texas
Sandra Newman’s Annual Production (Annuity and AUM) at a Glance:

2010 = $19.3M
2011 = $19.2M
2012 = $29.4M
2013 = $31.0M

Learn the exact process Sandra is leveraging to produce HIGH-QUALITY leads with radio advertising and programming, and see how her “Purpose Driven” appointment process is converting those leads into HUGE numbers. Plus, watch as Sandra demonstrates how she uses Retirement Analyzer software to identify prospects’ needs and concerns, inform them of their options and ultimately help close larger sales!

Licensed insurance producers will be able to take away a number of valuable concepts and useful strategies from The Journey. However, only those licensed to conduct securities transactions and offer investment advice will be able to use ALL of the sales and marketing strategies with consumers. Producers are ultimately responsible for the use or implementation of these concepts and agree to comply with the compliance requirements of any broker-dealer or Registered Investment Advisor with which they may be affiliated, the insurance carriers they represent, federal regulations and state insurance regulations. Results from the use of the concepts and strategies presented at The Journey are no guarantee of future success. Your results may vary. For financial professional use only — not to be used with the general public or in a sales situation.

the Journey
Learn the techniques advisors have used to achieve incredible success

For financial professional use only – not intended for use by the general public.