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Become the go-to expert for IRA Planning, conversion and tax reduction strategies

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  • Mike has helped turn hundreds of average producers into millionaires with his time-tested IRA training and techniques
  • Learn how to easily attract prospects with $250,000+ portfolios to seminars without serving a meal!

Over the course of the next two decades, over 76 million Baby Boomers will retire with an estimated $30 trillion in accumulated assets. After years of faithful saving and investing, many of these individuals have had their financial futures shaken by the events of 2008. Now, more than ever before, they are in need of a financial specialist—a true professional equipped with the in-depth strategies they need to safely reach their goals and dreams.

That specialist is you.

At the IRA College—an Advisors Excel exclusive—you will learn how to absolutely dominate the IRA market space by becoming the go-to expert for IRA planning, conversion and tax reduction solutions. This two-day training will provide you with real-world, time-tested strategies and systems, as well as tips, techniques and resources that you can instantly use to generate immediate and sustained results in your practice.

Your Trainer

Michael Reese
IRA Expert, Million Dollar Producer

Michael Reese, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, is one of the most highly-recognized and sought after advisors in the IRA field, generating well over $1 million in commissions and fees annually while only working two days a week in a town with fewer than 50,000 people. He’s the author of The Big Retirement Lie, he’s been a featured speaker at Senior Market Advisor Expo and he has helped turn hundreds of average producers into millionaires with his time-tested IRA training and techniques.

At the IRA College, you will learn Mike’s targeted approach for attracting highly qualified seminar attendees (participants at Mike’s seminars have no less than $250,000 in their IRAs), piquing their interest with unique IRA strategies that could save them hundreds of thousands in taxes and, most importantly, converting them into lifelong clients.

What You Will Learn

  • How to easily attract prospects with $250,000+ portfolios to seminars without serving a meal!
  • How to gain rock solid commitment from your prospects before you ever present recommendations—no more prospects taking your solutions back to their current advisor!
  • “15 Minutes of Magic”—learn how to effortlessly overcome the conservation efforts of clients’ incumbent advisor!
  • Why industry training is 100% backwards when it comes to converting prospects to clients! Just imagine how much more money you will make when Mike teaches you how to make sure the big ones don’t get away!
  • Simple planning strategies that provide INCREDIBLE value for your clients and put HUGE dollars in your pocket! (Mike averages over $70,000 per new client using these strategies!)
  • How to duplicate Mike’s SIX FIGURE client event system and turn your existing clients into your most profitable prospecting machine!

Sales Tools

No other IMO in the industry has committed the resources, developed the systems or assembled the expertise that Advisors Excel has to help you dominate the IRA market. When you partner with us, you get instant access to our “Total IRA Package” including over 100 different resources for the growth of your business!

  • Turnkey IRA Sales Process
    You’ll learn Mike’s step-by-step meeting process—“The Total Wealth Optimizer.” Mike will walk you through the Discovery and Commitment process that has allowed him to average over $70,000 in revenue per new client. He will also share with you the “15 Minutes of Magic” conversation that forever eliminates the hassles of clients’ previous advisors trying to interfere in your sales!
  • Advanced IRA Tax Savings Strategies
    You’ll learn three advanced IRA tax savings strategies complete with software, spreadsheets, presentations and case designs that can help your clients save hundreds of thousands in taxes on their IRAs. Each strategy is designed to meet the specific goals and needs of each client.
    • SIPS (Scheduled Income Portfolio System): Designed for maximum income
    • IRA Strategic Rollout: Designed for maximum tax savings
    • Bonus Capitalization: Designed for maximum growth with maximum protection
  • Monthly Case Studies
    Every month, we’ll share an actual case study in which Mike walks you through a scenario and the recommendations and solutions he used with one of his actual clients. Nothing beats learning from directly from a top advisor in the trenches every day just like you, and Mike’s examples are so fresh, the ink hasn’t even dried on the applications!

Marketing Tools

1. Complete Seminar Library
You’ll receive four of Mike Reese’s turn-key seminar presentations fully loaded with PowerPoint presentations, invitations, speaker notes, handouts, statistical comparisons, evaluation forms, DVDs and step-by-step instructions. Why use outdated seminar strategies when Mike’s handing you the tools you need to succeed?

Seminar #1:
IRA Mastery

Seminar #2:

Questions Every Retiree Must Answer

Seminar #3:

Survive and Thrive in Today’s Topsy-Turvy Markets

Seminar #4:

Common Financial Mistakes

2. Enhanced Web and Branding Materials
Today’s consumer is more skeptical than ever before. Make a powerful impression online and in person with a cutting-edge website and high-end branding materials to help build your credibility! Want an example? Check out Mike Reese’s site at!

3. Increase Credibility and Exposure through PR

Use our exclusive IRA Public Relations campaign to become the recognized and go-to expert in your community for IRA advice! (Mike Reese has used this same campaign to be featured in U.S. News & World Report!)

4. Deepening Relationships with Your Existing Clients

Today, more than ever before, the financial advisors that invest in building lifelong client relationships will dominate their respective markets. Real, systematic client relationship management will not only generate additional business from those clients, but it will generate countless referrals and personal introductions if properly executed. As a participant in the IRA College, you will receive:

  • Mike Reese’s Quarterly Client Newsletter and Weekly eBlast: Easily customized to send out to your clients and prospects!
  • Mike Reese’s Client Service Matrix: Birthday cards and gift ideas, anniversary cards and lunch suggestions and how to easily itemize your client list into A, B and C categories!
  • Client Education Event Presentations: Step-by-step process for six unique events you can hold for existing clients and their guests!
  • IRA Client Letters: Generate repeat business immediately by marketing to your existing clients to announce new IRA strategies!
  • Maximizing RRI: A complete 28-page manual to repeat business, referrals and introductions!

5. Non-Seminar Prospecting Systems
If seminars aren’t your thing, you can use these systems to generate new prospects:

  • IRA Direct Mail Lead System
  • IRA “Special Report” Newspaper Ad
  • “Avoiding Common IRA Owner Mistakes” Prospecting Booklet

Ongoing Support

  • Monthly “On Target” Training Webinars with Mike Reese
    In these exciting sessions, Mike will spend time training in greater detail on each aspect of his unique IRA system, from his latest marketing strategies and seminars to his in-depth appointment process and tax-saving techniques! Click here to watch a recent webinar.
  • Monthly Business Builder Audio CDs Featuring Mike Reese
    Every month you will receive an audio CD in which Mike will share business building ideas—from  goal setting and client relationship management to insights on the latest market conditions and product releases—to keep you keep you on top of your game! Click here to listen to a recent call.
  • Running a Maximum Efficiency Office
    We’ve all heard it said—your time is your greatest asset. You’ll learn how to establish a well-oiled, office environment, how to set expectations and incent outstanding performance and how to determine from whom you should “purchase” time to achieve optimum profitability!
  • The Best Sales Support in the Industry
    You’ll receive a dedicated Vice President of Marketing to help you implement all of Mike’s best practices to dramatically grow your business!

Ira College
With Michael Reese - IRA Expert, Million Dollar Producer

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