The Blueprint

Keys to Success from $20M+ Producers

Gain access to the time-tested “floor plans” for consistent year-over-year growth of some of our top producers — who have skyrocketed from a few million in annual production a few short years ago to simply owning their respective markets — when you attend Advisors Excel’s Blueprint

Big-budget marketing campaigns and high-profile prospecting strategies are rarely what makes the difference between producers who are merely successful and those who dominate their markets. Often, consistent, year-to-year growth is the result of simply having a detailed master plan and following it to a tee. At AE’s exclusive Blueprint event, you will see how it’s possible for you to build your own $20M+ practice. You will receive the “floor plans” from two of our top producers, Matt Dicken and Isaac Wright, marketing mastermind Mark Gaffney and senior sales coaching consultant for AE Coach Dan Couture.

Spend two powerful days discovering:

  • The components to effectively packing seminars with qualified prospects
  • How to “heat map” your seminar response data and take the guesswork out of your marketing efforts
  • How to set the stage for a productive first appointment by effectively pre-qualifying prospects
  • A detailed rundown of a time-tested, successful sales process, including effective point-of-sale resources and client deliverables
  • Tips on effective delivery of a consumer seminar, including scripted seminar opens and closes that can help develop rapport and increase the number of appointments set at each event
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Learn more about our speakers

Matt Dicken

Matt Dicken is the founder of Strategic Wealth Designers, LLC. In addition to being a national coach and mentor for financial professionals and CPAs, he is an author and television talk show host who has helped thousands of individuals and families in Kentucky and Indiana construct strategies to help them reach their retirement goals.

Matt’s foundation in the financial services industry started at the age of 18. Just five years later he was running a regional office for a major financial services company. In 2005, Matt went into personal production full time, generating $2 million in annual annuity production his first year and adding on to that number each year thereafter. In 2013, he brought in $29 million in total assets.

Matt hosts up to 60 seminars a year. Since 2007, nearly 14,000 people have attended Matt’s seminars, which focus on helping clients preserve and protect their retirement assets, increase retirement income and potentially reduce income taxes through the use of insurance products.

Mark Gaffney

Mark is the co-founder of 20M Consulting, LLC, a boutique consulting firm for the financial services industry, and serves as the director of marketing for Strategic Wealth Designers. In that role, Mark:

  • Packs upwards of 50 seminars a year with qualified prospects
  • Serves as executive producer of the syndicated television show “Strategic Wealth” on the Louisville, KY local ABC affiliate, WHAS11, and hosts the syndicated financial radio shows, “The Matt Dicken Show” and “The Road To Retirement”

In his 20-plus-year career, Mark has coached, consulted and trained hundreds of financial professionals across the country. His “image and brand” advertising agency approach to financial marketing has made him a valuable resource for financial professionals across the nation.

Mark has worked with multi-billion dollar corporations as well as start-ups and business entrepreneurs in all phases of development. His marketing strategies have translated into impressive results for his clients. His top private clients are proud members of his “$20 Million Dollar Club.”

Isaac Wright

Isaac Wright is the president and co-founder of Financial Dynamics. Since entering the financial services industry in 1999, Isaac has formulated a career that has made him a sought-after public speaker on a variety of financial topics, including how to create reliable and sustainable retirement income strategies.

When Isaac sits down with a prospect, he doesn’t view it as just another appointment — but a relationship for life. In fact, his low-pressure client acquisition process is so effective nearly 80 percent of his prospects choose him as their advisor after the first meeting. His carefully crafted relationships have translated into high value for his company in terms of client referrals and continued business growth.

In 2013, Isaac constructed a business plan that gathered more than $42 million in total assets, but it wasn’t always like that. Just a few short years ago, Isaac was writing $3 million to $5 million a year in annuity business, and feeling as though he had topped out. Then he saw a producer who was writing $20 million a year, and it lit a fire in Isaac. In 2008, he obtained his series 65 license and in 2010 he joined Advisors Excel. Since then, he’s engineered a production explosion.

Isaac has a mixture of strong customer service and an informative approach to helping clients shape their financial strategies. The combined efforts of his staff and qualified tax and legal professionals who are committed to providing a comprehensive review of each client’s financial strategy, has been a strong mortar, allowing his company to support and sustain tremendous growth.

Dan Couture

As the senior sales coaching consultant for AE Coach, Dan Couture brings his 13-plus years of personal sales experience in the field directly and exclusively to AE producers to provide one-on-one sales coaching.

Dan began building his career in the financial services industry in 2000 as a member of a successful independent producer’s firm in Colorado. Since then, he’s had the opportunity to do it all, from answering phones and processing mail, to building his own book of business and conducting seminars, to working within an FMO providing training on seminars, client meetings and marketing to other financial professionals.

Dan has built a career traveling the country speaking with consumers and producers alike about how to plan for retirement, using insurance products and how to build income strategies to supplement Social Security benefits, as well as helping financial professionals develop effective sales and marketing strategies. His understanding of what it takes to be successful in the financial services industry comes from his experience both as a producer and working for an FMO.

Dan is passionate about the business and speaks from personal experience — not from a training manual.

Licensed insurance producers will be able to take away a number of valuable concepts and useful strategies from The Blueprint. However, only those licensed to conduct securities transactions and offer investment advice will be able to use ALL of the sales and marketing strategies with consumers. Producers are ultimately responsible for the use or implementation of these concepts and agree to comply with the compliance requirements of any broker-dealer or Registered Investment Adviser with which they may be affiliated, the insurance carriers they represent, federal regulations, and state insurance regulations. Results from the use of the concepts and strategies presented at The Blueprint are no guarantee of future success. Your results may vary.

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The Blueprint
Keys to Success from $20M+ Producers

For financial professional use only – not intended for use by the general public.