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  • Establishing yourself as a specialist in your field
  • Increasing your authority and improving your perceived value in the marketplace
Think radio is an outdated advertising medium? Think again. Wherever they are, whatever they’re doing, today’s consumers are tuning in. This mobile medium reaches people at home, on the road, in the workplace and in numerous other spots, providing one of the most powerful channels through which to reach prospects. Consider the following facts:
  • Every week, radio reaches 95 percent of those with $75K or more in household income.
  • It reaches 71 percent of all U.S. consumers EVERY DAY. That’s over 182 million.
  • 60 percent of consumers listen to radio in their car on a typical weekday.
  • The average consumer spends one month a year (716 hours or 30 days) listening to radio.
  • 62 percent of shoppers listened to radio within 13 minutes of making a purchase and 90 percent of consumers are in their vehicle less than 6 minutes before shopping.
  • Radio improves ROI 49 percent vs. television advertising.
  • Radio reaches up to 88 percent of all major credit card holders — consumers with buying power.
With nearly three out of every four Americans tuning in on any given day, radio represents an excellent vehicle for advertisers and show hosts alike to build a dominant brand, enhance their credibility and deliver their messages to thousands of potential clients.

To help our producers make the most of this incredible marketing opportunity, Advisors Excel has assembled the most comprehensive, turnkey financial services radio program to hit the industry—Coach Pete Radio! Whether you’re simply looking to capitalize on radio’s lead generation, be featured as a special guest on an established platform or co-host your very own show, Advisors Excel has put together everything you need!

From professionally-produced advertising and pre-recorded formats to the most prominent guests and a complete team to support you, Coach Pete Radio will help you dominate your local market!

Why Own the Airwaves?

In the financial services arena, trust is king. Before ever considering you as their chosen financial advisor, prospects want to know that you’re a likable, knowledgeable, credible authority. Many financial professionals can forge that persona in person, but the elite in our industry make themselves household names before prospects ever meet them for the first time. Radio offers a platform to do just that—to demonstrate your expertise on a number of pressing financial topics and position your firm as the go-to provider in your given market.

Here are just a few of the reasons many of the industry’s most dominant producers are leveraging radio:

  • Radio remains a very active medium in a highly active society with an estimated 280 million Americans listening in each week!
  • Radio allows you to be selective, specifically targeting those who are most likely to have an interest in your products or services!
  • When it comes to radio advertising, you’re always “on the front page”—front and center in the ear of the listener while your ad or show is playing!
  • Radio is mobile, giving you the opportunity to reach busy consumers on the go—at home, at work, in the car—they’re all within your reach!
  • Radio can be highly cost effective, allowing you to repeat your message far more often to reach and influence qualified prospects.
  • Radio bypasses traditional advertising “clutter.” While TV and newspaper outlets can devote as much as half of their space or available time to advertising, radio limits its advertising to roughly 20percentof its available air time, increasing listeners’ attention to your message.
  • Radio partners very well with various online marketing strategies to generate tremendous results, widened influence and enhanced tracking capabilities!
  • Unlike print or television advertising, radio ads can be produced and out to the masses within a few days! No lengthy studio turnaround and no waiting for the next issue to come out.


  • When you’re on the radio, you’re a celebrity! In many markets, there may be no greater way to establish your “star power” as the go-to authority in the financial services arena!

Top 10 reasons to have your own show!

  1. Radio gives you the chance to set appointments directly with callers, a potentially more efficient and less costly option than seminars.
  2. For those still holding seminars and educational events, radio gives you a powerful medium to dramatically increase attendance.
  3. Radio is an incredibly cost-effective medium for becoming a celebrity in your target market.
  4. Unlike direct mail or various other delayed response marketing, radio allows interested prospects to respond immediately while generating attention from local and even national media.
  5. Radio helps you build an audience of rabid fans to promote your events, books and overall practice.
  6. Having your own show allows you to use well-chosen sound bites of you and your guests to build credibility at events.
  7. Because listeners feel they already “know” you, it’s easy to set “concierge-style" appointments such as individual lunches or dinners with callers from the show.
  8. By allowing you to forge a lively, well-known “on-air” personality, you can become an irresistible force in your community.
  9. Having your voice on a weekly show builds invaluable "street credibility" with local CPAs, attorneys and other related professionals, increasing referral and networking opportunities.
  10. Radio combines perfectly with various social media outlets, giving you a constant supply of new material and “hooks” for use on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
own the air
Today’s consumers are tuning in — Are you?

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